Corporate Profile

SPS Group is one of the leading manufacturers of a full range of iron and steel products in India. The Company, with its resilience & resolve through the last decade, has entrenched itself as a strong and reliable player in the Indian iron and steel market. ELEGANT STEEL®, the brand name used by the company to promote its QST bars & structurals, has come to be recognized among engineers and architects as a symbol of reliability, international quality, and value for money. The ISO 9001: 2001 Company is regarded one of the most successful in its sector, with a group turnover of nearly INR 4000 crore. With multiple manufacturing units in Durgapur (West Bengal) and Purulia (West Bengal), the Group is all set to meet the demands and exceed the expectations of its clients in the years ahead.

Our Vision

SPS aspires to:

Offer the highest quality products and lowest possible prices.

Consistently motivate and train the workforce, in order to bring out the best in them.

Spread the business across several sectors, including but not limited to education, electrical equipment, and healthcare.

Create new employment opportunities for the youth of India by setting up additional Group companies and steel plants.

Significantly increase the production capacities of all steel plants.

Our Mission

The Mission of SPS is to:

Stay at the top of iron and steel industry in India by consistently manufacturing high quality products.

Continue research for developing new cost-effective techniques for improving quality of products, along with driving down the prices of the same.

Keep the environment clean both inside and outside the factories.

Prevent wastage of heat from furnaces by setting up power plants that can generate electricity from the same.

Vertically integrate coal and iron ore mining operations to end user products.

Company's philosophy on Code of Governance

The Company strongly believes in the ethical way of conducting business. The Company upholds its relationship with the society and hence its social responsibility of environment safety and welfare. The Company's commitment for effective Corporate Governance continues and the Company has always been at the forefront of benchmarking the need for full transparency and accountability in all its transactions in order to protect the interest of its stakeholders and to facilitate the creation of long term values for its shareholders. The basic philosophy of the Corporate Governance in the Company is to achieve business excellence and dedicate itself to increasing long-term shareholder value, keeping in view the needs and interests of all its stakeholders. The Company expects to realize excellence by taking such action as may be necessary in order to achieve its goal of value creation, safety, environment and people. For implementing the Corporate Governance practices the Company has set up Audit Committee, Finance Committee and Shareholders'/Investors' Grievance Committee and these committees report to the Board of Directors about the task assigned to them.

Quality Standard & Technology

“ELEGANT®” QST Bars, the main branded product of the Group, is produced by the use of Thermex Technology, developed by M/s Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering GmbH. It is the world’s most renowned technology for producing QST bars. The bars manufactured by the Thermex method are produced from steel billets, which in turn are produced by refining metals sourced from steel. This process of refining makes the bars far superior in quality, with better tensile strength and corrosion resistance as compared to bars that have been directly produced from steel.

Quality Assurance

SPS Group is a highly quality conscious and an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. The final product passes through chemical and physical tests of international standards. Over and above the QST Bars, the company uses the QST technology from HSE Germany, for producing QST Bars, to give its products high levels of strength, durability and bend ability. Each product passes through stringent quality control systems designed by company to meet BIS standards. A Highly dedicated quality control team, works round the clock for ensuring adherence to international quality standards.

Quality Policy

We, at the SPS Group are committed to meet present and future requirements of customers by providing quality products in maintaining facilities with excellence, introducing latest technologies and through continual improvements, being professionally responsible towards the environment with a firm commitment to ensure optimum customer's delight in an ever widening horizon.